One of our favorite growers, Brian Strauk of Wes Pak, was featured in Lucky’s Market “Squeeze the Day” brochure as part of their Citrus Celebration.  Congrats, Brian!  Make sure to check out the great pictures of the citrus groves in San Joaquin Valley, as well as some beautiful Classic Harvest clementines! Click on the link to view the full brochure:

Lucky’s Market Squeeze The Day Brochure, January 2018


Make sure to get in your last orders of Holiday Carton Navels! National and regional retailer have had great success featuring these in both the US and Canada. Consumers love the peak-a-boo tear away packaging because they can see the fresh, beautiful fruit inside. Everyone can give the gift of healthy eating this holiday season!
Last shipdates with be Monday 12/18, Tuesday 12/19 and Wednesday 12/20.

Cara Caras have started shipping and they look fantastic! Classic Harvest Cara Caras are full of flavor and will probably be large this season. They have the same round shape and bright orange rind as traditional navels but inside you’ll find their ultra-sweet pink flesh.  Who doesn’t like a surprise? It’s not just their beautiful color that makes them stand out – they also have a remarkable taste with robust and complex citrus aromatics. Cara Caras are known for their high concentration of vitamins and minerals. And, of course, you can’t miss our eye-catching Oh La La packaging!

It’s that time of year – Classic Harvest Meyer Lemons are coming off the vine just in time for holiday recipes! Our California crop is looking beautiful on the vine and will look even better on the table. Meyer lemons don’t have the same tang as regular lemons; they’re much sweeter. Unlike regular Lemons, they can be used raw in salads or desserts. The unique taste of the Meyer

Lemon makes them a great focus of any dish.  And don’t forget the rind! Use the zest of the rind to add a complex scent and taste to any dish.  You can find many Meyer Lemon recipes here  on our website. For Thanksgiving, our favorite recipes is a Meyer Lemon pie.  There is nothing like a light, refreshing dessert after a big meal. This recipe from from White on Rice is beautiful and delicious, and it’s pretty easy, too!

Meyer Lemon Pie


Classic Harvest has a core belief that if a customer places an order with us that it needs to be filled – whether part of a program or a daily order.  We’ve all been frustrated by a vendor handing back an order to us at the last minute.   At that point, you have to drop what you are doing to scramble to figure out how to cover it.   Classic Harvest takes that burden from you.    Our customer’s challenge is our challenge.

When a customer places an order, many times, the fruit has not been packed yet.   We are taking the order based on the fact that the fruit will be picked or a particular vessel will be unloaded.    We don’t live in a perfect world, and where it rains and the fruit is not picked or it snows and the vessel doesn’t get unloaded.   Sometimes, quite frankly, the product s not up to our customers standards.

Classic Harvest will not just turn back the order to the customer.    We feel a deep level of responsibility for taking the order in the first place.    We will do whatever it takes, at our own expense, to make sure the order is filled and delivered in a a timely manner.

Classic Harvest has a great network of supply and logistics ensure the sanctity of an order.  We take great pride in delivering regardless of circumstance.   We want our buyers to know that once they’ve sent Classic Harvest an order, they can move on to their next task.

Adam Behar
Managing General Partner/Owner
Classic Harvest