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ssminniessqMinneolas are all about Ernie!   Cute and sassy minnies and Ernie go together!

Minneolas are easy to peel and fun to eat.  They are rounded with large, pronounced neck at the stem end.   The skin is a deep deep orange, mostly smooth, and veryeasy to peel. The flesh is orange and has few seeds, although some fruits have many seeds.  The ten to twelve segments inside contain flesh that is both sweet and tart, and juicy and rich in flavor.     In many countries Minneolas are the fruit of choice for juicing!


Eat Brighter Ernie Minneolas are available from November to June from California.

Eat Brighter Ernie Minnies are available in 2lb and 3lb bags packed in a giro film.

Eat Brighter Minneola 2lb 0 33383 14618 8
Eat Brighter Minneola 3lb 0 33383 11932 8