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Sesame Street's GroverWe love Grover and Cara Cara Oranges – both fun, pink and sweet…        Classic Harvest is a proud supporter of Eat Brighter and you can order Cara Cara Oranges from California today all dressed in Grover as part of our Eat Brighter program!

Cara Cara Oranges are a natural cross of a navel orange found grown wildly on the Cara Cara hacienda in Venezuela.       We are fortunate today to grow Cara Cara Oranges in the California Central Valley.     Cara Caras groverbagare available from California November to June in your favorite supermarket!

Grover Cara Caras are available in 2lb and 3lb full wrap giro bags.    5lb and 8lb available on request!

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Grover Cara Cara 3lb  0 96704 00062 0