• Classic Harvest Increases eat brighter!™ Citrus Volumes

    eat brighter!™ Label available for all California Citrus varieties

    DINUBA, CA, October 11, 2016 – Classic Harvest announces significant increases in volumes and new varieties of California citrus Classic Harvest will pack this season in eat brighter! packaging to boost demand from kids and families.


    “Our California navel volume will be up 25 percent this season, complemented by increases of 15 percent on other varieties and all can be delivered in sales-boosting eat brighter! packaging,” said Jennifer Westerhoff, executive vice president of Classic Harvest.   “The 2015-2016 season was our second year in the market, and we surpassed our production goals. This year we are excited to add acreage and new growers, which adds volume for eat brighter! and availability for our customers.   Navels will start shipping on October 24th, navel bags will feature Elmo.


    Classic Harvest offers retailers an assortment of eight Sesame Street characters in many packaging styles. Navel oranges feature Elmo on navel bags from 2 pounds to 8 pounds. “My favorite is Cookie Monster, he is all blue and adorable featured on our Mandarin bags,” said Maria Castillo, sales manager for Classic Harvest. “Most unique is the Count on our Blood Oranges! He’s especially popular now as we move into the Halloween season.”


    The Classic Harvest citrus assortment is completed with Oscar on lemons – to match his sometimes sour viewpoint; Ernie on minneolas in matching bright orange; Grover with the pink nose on cara caras; Big Bird on grapefruit; and Meyer lemons with Bert!


    “This is our second full California season with eat brighter! and we are thrilled with the retailer response,” said Linda Cunningham, president of Classic Harvest. “The Produce Marketing Association has created a phenomenal program that allows us to target kids with bright exciting packaging with no extra cost to the retailer,” Cunningham said. “We have several retailers that feature our complete citrus line with other commodities for a total department eat brighter! program.”


    Photo Captions



    1. Classic Harvest Cookie Monster mandarins in eat brighter!™.eb1classicharvestcookiemandarins
    2. Elmo eat brighter!™ featuring California navels.eb3classicharvestcaliforniacitrusassortment
    3. Classic Harvest features eight Sesame Street characters in eat brighter!™ packaging.
    4. Classic Harvest Navels in Save A Lot featured in Elmo eat brighter!™
    5. Classic Harvest 8lb Navels starring Elmo eat brighter!™ in display Bins