Meyer Lemons ready for picking!


It’s that time of year – Classic Harvest Meyer Lemons are coming off the vine just in time for holiday recipes! Our California crop is looking beautiful on the vine and will look even better on the table. Meyer lemons don’t have the same tang as regular lemons; they’re much sweeter. Unlike regular Lemons, they can be used raw in salads or desserts. The unique taste of the Meyer

Lemon makes them a great focus of any dish.  And don’t forget the rind! Use the zest of the rind to add a complex scent and taste to any dish.  You can find many Meyer Lemon recipes here  on our website. For Thanksgiving, our favorite recipes is a Meyer Lemon pie.  There is nothing like a light, refreshing dessert after a big meal. This recipe from from White on Rice is beautiful and delicious, and it’s pretty easy, too!

Meyer Lemon Pie